• Update: who’s in and who’s out at the 2016 Farmers Market

    You may have heard that a substantial change in the Downtown Farmers Market roster of vendors has taken place, with all of the non-Evanston bakers being excluded from the 2016 market.

    Well, you aren’t wrong, but you’re not right either.

    We’ll explain.

    At the Friends board meeting last week, we met the new Evanston parks and recreation director, Lawrence Hemingway. The market is under his aegis, and he visited us to get up to speed on our views about proposed changes to the market ordinances, specifically as they referred to bakers.

    After that meeting, the city had an internal discussion and the decision was made to bar bakers from the Downtown market in 2016 unless they have a brick and mortar store in Evanston, or they have an Evanston baking business using their own kitchens, or a certified Evanston kitchen.

    Friends of Evanston Farmers Markets objected. First of all, it was our belief that the parks and recreation director has acted properly the in the past, abiding by the existing ordinance in selecting vendors for the city-run markets.

    More important, Friends feels that regardless of any opinions regarding the authority to exclude vendors, different definitions of “local” for a single class of vendor or any interpretation of the ordinance, it is unfair and punitive to render such a decision mere weeks before the start of the market, when it would be difficult, if not impossible for the affected vendors to find a place in a comparable market.

    The city of Evanston was gracious in allowing Friends to express their feelings. We were able to address our concerns to the City Manager, Wally Bobkiewicz, and, later, Mayor Elizabeth Tisdahl.

    On Tuesday of this week, the City Manager posted on the city website, “Evanston Parks, Recreation and Community Services Director Lawrence Hemingway has worked with the bakers and the Friends to rescind this rule change for 2016.  The 2016 market will have nine bakers included as vendors.” His full posting can be found here.

    Again, The seven out-of-town bakeries that participated in the 2015 market have been reinstated as vendors for the 2016 season. Bennison’s and Great Harvest will be back as well. We applaud the city for listening, and for reversing their ruling.

    Friends is excited to hear that the city plans to review the total composition of the downtown market throughout the course of the year. It’s their job to keep the market safe, fair and a benefit to everyone involved, vendors and customers alike, no matter where they come from. The ordinance has been revised many times to do just that.

    Friends is a little confused by the City Manager’s statement that, “Clearly the sale of baked goods other than breads are against the “rules” but wanted by the public.  City staff has been reluctant to be the “pastry and pie police.” We looked over the ordinance, and Ord. No. 34-O-11 includes the language, “Eligible vendors of bread shall be those licensed food establishments where bread and pastries are the primary items for sale, such as bakeries;”

    Clearly, the ordinance could use some more clarity. And a close look by the city management and citizens who enjoy the farmers market is more important than ever.

    A 2014 study learned that financial benefits to downtown businesses accrued by the presence of the farmer’s market and its large customer base totaled in the millions of dollars! In our opinion, an asset to the city like the market should not be significantly changed without lots of review and the input of the people who use it. That’s you, readers!

    We hope that the concern expressed by citizens about this recent situation will extend to this broader topic of what kind of market Evanston should have.

    You can examine the market ordinance in its current form on our website. The relevant section can be seen by clicking here.

  • Microgreens Power Vikki’s Crunchy Salad with Buttermilk Dressing

    We’re not sure if Vikki was cleaning out the fridge for this salad, or if she planned it in advance, but it delivers more than a satisfying crunch and potent, creamy/tangy flavor. The use of microgreens, a winter market stalwart, adds a mighty nutritional punch.

    The USDA’s Ag Research Magazine reported, in January of 2014 that, “In general, microgreens contained considerably higher levels of vitamins and carotenoids—about five times greater—than their mature plant counterparts, an indication that microgreens may be worth the trouble of delivering them fresh during their short lives.”

    Fresh is what Farmers Markets are all about, so you can’t build a healthier salad than the one’s you make with market produce.

    Here’s the rundown on Vikki’s buttermilk dressing.

    Simple Buttermilk Dressing

    • Combine1/4 c buttermilk ( Don’t have buttermilk? Combine 1/4 c milk with 1 tsp lemon or vinegar, and let stand 5 minutes before using. This technique also works with non-dairy milks.)
    • 1 T mayo,
    • salt and pepper to taste
    • pinch of sugar

    Whisk until combined.


  • Up-To-Date Winter Market News, with Vendor Lists and More

    With this update, the 2015-2016 indoor market season draws to a close. We hope this page has been of use to you in keeping up with your favorite vendors. The 41st Downtown Evanston Market season begins next week, on May 7, at 7:30 a.m. Find a list of the more than fifty vendors at that market by clicking here.

    The Ecology Center Farmer and Artisan Market has been going strong for four years, and it’s a great place to find a choice blend of producers and artisans.

    Vendors for the Ecology Center Market (for the April 30 market. This is the final indoor market.)

    • Katić Bread
    • C&D Meats
    • Pet Chef
    • Wayne Miller
    • Eating Well
    • Tamale Express
    • Ellis Farms
    • River Valley Ranch
    • Defloured
    • Treasure Breads

    Market time is 9am-1pm. All the roadwork that made last year’s market a bit challenging to visit is over. There is plenty of parking right across the street.


  • The First Recipe of 2016 is a Hearty One: COTR Lentil Soup

    As 2015 came to an end, it was inevitable that Friends’ president Vikki Proctor would clean out her refrigerator and turn the results into a delicious dish. She has shared the ingredients she unearthed and the general method with which she produced the soup above. As always, she leaves some details to your imagination and experience. Here’s what she did:

    COTR Lentil Soup


    Saute some aromatics

    Add ONIONS, CELERY and CARROTS to a pan with a bit of oil. Saute until the onions are a bit transparent.

    Add the good stuff

    Add TOMATOES, MINCED GARLIC and 1 CUP OF LENTILS. Vikki’s tomatoes came from the market in September, when she roasted and froze them. If you weren’t that forward-thinking, use the best you can find–canned are fine, since January tomatoes are generally far from the peak of flavor. She cooks these for a minute or two, just to wake up the garlic.

    Get it all wet

    Add a QUART of VEGETABLE BROTH. Sometimes Vikki makes her own. If there’s none on hand, she’s partial to 365 brand. She brings it to a simmer, and cooks until the lentils are soft and tasty.

    Season the soup

    Vikki uses CUMIN and TURMERIC. Of course, there’s also SALT and PEPPER. Use a gentle hand, and taste, taste, taste!

    Finishing touches

    For presenting the soup, Vikki tweaks with a splash of BALSAMIC VINEGAR and then garnishes with (choose one) CREME FRAICHE, SOUR CREAM or GREEK YOGURT. The final fillip is a sprinkle of fresh herbs.


  • 2015: The Friends Year in Review: A Historic Market Season


    All good things must come to an end. And the 2015 outdoor, downtown

    market did make its final appearance on November 7. For 27 Saturdays, rain,

    sleet and shine, farmers and food vendors provided us with wonderful fare! And

    many returned to Evanston to participate in the ever-popular Thanksgiving

    market held at Immanuel Lutheran Church the Saturday before the holiday. On

    December 5 and throughout the winter, two markets will entice us to continue

    buying directly from growers. (See information about the winter markets by clicking here)



    As Friends reviews 2015, again we count our blessings. Our donors,

    Northshore University HealthSystem First Bank and Trust, an Anonymous Donor

    and your contributions allowed us to give $19, 531.00 to Link shoppers at the

    downtown market. This year, a record, brought a total of $39,404 to support

    healthy eating and small, local farms. Thank you, donors!!



    Even before the first market in May, Friends was busy collaborating with

    Campus Kitchens NU and the Evanston Public Library to host a film series

    educating attendees about food issues and food policy. These films, Dirt! the

    Movie, Foodstamped and a preview of a documentary about Henry’s Farm were

    supported with panel and audience discussions. Another film, to be determined,

    will be shown on April 10, 2016. Again, Friends will be joined by the wonderful

    people at Campus Kitchens NU and Evanston Public Library.



    Our blue tent in the SW corner of the market saw plenty of activity this

    summer. For 24 Saturdays, we hosted chefs, the Heller Bees of Highland Park,

    District 65 teachers and Campus Kitchens. This was the first year that volunteers

    were trained to assist in all this activity and we were impressed with their grace

    and flexibility-especially the young men from Curt’s Cafe!



    And our newsletter, sent out weekly, is a gem. Mark Dolnick has been our

    web manager since our earliest days. This summer, much to our delight, he

    accepted the job of newsletter writer. His wit, market experience-you can find him

    on Saturdays at Green Acres -and passion for all food and farm issues make his

    weekly entries a must-read! Don’t miss these-sign up today on this website!



    Friends began this summer of celebration with a lovely essay in the

    RoundTable written by a guy who knows and loves markets and cooking. Steve

    Littell gave a rousing tribute to farmers and our fabulous Evanston Market. Read it here.

    Then, On September 19, at the market, a tribute to farmers was hosted by

    Nell Funk of NWC Food Incubator and planned with Friends and market

    manager, Myra Gorman. After a scary night of storms, the clouds cleared, the

    chefs arrived with their mysterious towers of food boxes and shoppers began

    scrambling for tickets to participate in the first truck to table event at the market!

    The happy beneficiaries were Friends and the Spud Club. Myra Gorman,

    architect of Spud Club, plans activities galore for the youngest market shoppers.



    In 2010, Friends and the City of Evanston worked together to improve the

    Farmers Market Ordinance. This fall we reviewed that document and some

    needed changes are in the works. If interested, you can contact your alderman or

    send ideas to Friends. You can see the current ordinance on this website.



    As President of Friends, I’d like to thank a very hard working board-Jane

    Hampson, Grant writer and Treasurer, Sheldon Proctor, Secretary, Cindee Bath,

    Community Liaison, Mia Mouratis, Volunteer Director. There’s more good news

    here-we welcome Laura Davies to our board. Already she has really put her

    energy to reviewing the farmers’ markets ordinance.



    FEFM is grateful for all the efforts of Myra Gorman, Market Manager, and

    Ryan Tasovac, Assistant Manager. Their diligence is the backbone of this market

    and includes the application process in January, farm visits, 5am Saturday

    arrivals at the market, checking all food products and providing a safe market for

    all. We tip our hats!