Evanston needs your help to plan the Farmers Market of the future

In forty-one years, the Downtown Evanston Farmer’s Market has changed in many ways. Location, of course. And size–in the past several years, the market has grown by nearly a third!

The most notable change has been the variety off offerings at the market, growing from exclusively produce and flowers to today’s mix of farmers, ranchers, artisans, and vendors of prepared food meant to be eaten right at the market.

There are many opinions about the market’s evolution, and the City of Evanston needs your help to determine if the market has changed in the right ways, and how it should continue to change. Their goal is to offer the best value, both for the families who visit the market AND the vendors who come from all around the midwest to offer their goods for sale.

Please follow this link and spend a few minutes filling out a survey that will provide insight about the feelings of the Market’s most loyal customers. Again, click here to take this important survey.